Sidki Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)

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Sidki Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)

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Contrary to previous plans, here is a beta of the next config release. :)

It appears to me as the best way to quickly get a grip on the the large number of new list entries.
Beyond that, this config can be considered as feature complete.
Beta Notes wrote: This beta will use its own subdirectory, so you can run it in parallel with
other config versions.


For the most part this is a consolidated version of the
alpha-4 config, posted July 18th 2009 at .

- There is a new list, "Bypass-SSL.ptxt".
- Several ad lists have been massively extended,
especially AdHosts-J.ptxt (114 -> 207 entries).
- Several issues with recent browser versions have been fixed.

To do:
- Numerous filters still contain (non-critical) experimental code.
- Numerous list entries still have to prove their usefulness.

The respective information is logged to a file called "Log-Rare.log".
Please submit your log file regularly during beta stage. Anonymous
submission form:

Most filters aren't fully downwards compatible, so do not mix them with
other config versions.
Beta config (offsite link, 327 KB) -- Homepage

Good luck!
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