sidki-config: Oct 23 2010

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sidki-config: Oct 23 2010

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ChangeLog wrote: October 23rd 2010
User Interface:
You can remove specific comment-blocks on given pages via the
Exceptions-U list.

Proxomitron menu:
"Show 'xxx' CSS" allows you to view all inline and external styles of a
page (initial code by ddandyy).
BabelFish translation service replaced with Bing, which features
automatic language recognition (like Google).
Defunct Whois service replaced.

3rd party and image cookies are blocked by default. (This feature is
already part of the June 6th 2009 update for the last config version.)

"application/xhtml+xml" is filtered as is. (Previously this content-
type was changed to "text/html".) Filters and Proxomitron scripts have
been updated to properly handle (much stricter) XHTML. As a
consequence, embedded XML applications like MathML should now display
properly in standard-compliant browsers.
The config was tested on various Linux flavors, and adjusted for
platform specific characteristics and non-Windows browsers.

IncludeExclude and IncludeExclude-U are renamed to Exceptions and
Exceptions-U respectively.
AdHosts-J (used to scan script sources for unwanted hosts) has been
massively extended.
Bypass-SSL is a new list, containing secure sites, where Proxomitron
should go into SSL-bypass mode right from the beginning.

43unite has written "Prox_on_Linux.txt", a how-to for setting up
Proxomitron on Linux.
whenever has written "Page_Info.txt", an overview of informational page
elements inserted by Proxomitron.
JJoe added a chapter to "Techniques.txt", about working around an issue
with using positional variables directly after negated sub-expressions.
(All config filters containing the potentially troublesome expression
pattern have been updated with the recommended notation.)
The ReadMe's "Installation" chapter is now hopefully a little easier to
understand for Proxomitron beginners.

As always:
Various bugfixes, additions, removals, improvements, enhancements,
and too little time.
ReadMe - Config (offsite link, 400 KB) - Online FAQ - Homepage - Stable Mirror

Have fun :)
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